Wild Twist Apple Review

"A Famous Person's Child"

Wild Twist Apple


This salacious newcomer straight from the balls of apple scientists in sex-crazed Lancaster, Pennsylvania is a serviceable addition to what is becoming a crowded field of genetic freak, cross-bred apples. The “twist” is between the God-like Honeycrisp and bottom of the top list Pink Lady – an audacious combination that is the apple equivalent of a celebrity power couple.

But like most celebrity power couples, their less-hot offspring (while putting out a decent solo album) just can’t live up to their famous parents. Inheriting the hardness of the Pink Lady, and its unfortunate skin that lingers in your mouth like a wet paper bag, the Honeycrisp does the real heavy lifting, elevating this apple onto the bottom of the top list.

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Honeycrisp x Pink Lady


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Munching, Sour Apple

10 thoughts on “Wild Twist Apple Review”

  1. Just picked up two bags because of this review and am very happy I did. It’s very, very good – great flavor and that lovely snap you get with the HoneyCrisp and SweeTango. Bit of a smaller apple, but a nice snack size so you don’t feel like a pig eating three HoneyCrisps in like 10 minutes.

  2. Just tried one and this gal will be a return customer. Cannot stand a mealy apple … and this apple is a complete opposite. Crisp and sweet and AWESOME.

  3. Who is the genius writer behind all these apples reviews? I’ve always told myself that if I had a chance to go back and do it all again; I would find some way to write, either as a profession or a hobby! It is a great pleasure, to have discovered one of my favorite writers on an “apple ranking” website. The way you positively eviscerated the Modi Apple with your words was brutal,and I am sure you would hate that I gave it the respect to even capitalize its name! “Horse Food”. Nothing else was needed but so much more was given! Even in this review “Straight from the ball’s of apple scientists”. What a picture your words paint! Your words may not be read daily by millions, but they are powerful just the same! Quality of content over quantity of readers! Thank you for entertainingly expanding my knowledge of apples! I cannot wait to taste the product of those apple scientists’ ball’s!!!

  4. I would rate Wild Twist much higher than 81 – more like 94. It reminds me of Evercrisp another Honeycrisp cross that I like better than the original.

  5. These JUST hit the shelves here in Michigan at the “first place to taste new produce” farmer’s market, Horrocks. Had to snatch them before I even knew if you’d written a review.

    I suspect very much that this apple mellows with time in storage throughout its shelf life on the way to stores. It hit as very “sapphire grapes and envy apples, juiced and poured over snow cones” thing going in here in the middle of March. Not the lease bit sour, light and sweet grapey aftertaste, mostly watery….but in a refreshing way, as honeycrisp gets some years. If they could last into summer they’d be a big hit, but I probably wouldnt opt for these most winter mornings when I could have any number of specialty apples on the shelves, right now.

    Dont notice an offensively thick skin, but red delicious is the only apple I’ve ever thought of as tough-skinned and I tend to not agree with people who say any sort of produce has a tough skin. Except for pears. I love pears and even have a couple trees ((amidst the orchard)) but I’m chucking the skins all over the yard when I eat them.

  6. I picked up a box of these today at Costco on impulse and I’m really impressed! Not as tart as a Pink Lady and not as sugar sweet as a Honeycrisp. It’s basically the perfect balance between the two, and while the flesh is a bit dense, it was super juicy and crunchy. Definitely will buy these again!

  7. I’m a diehard Honeycrisp fan, and consider Honeycrisp a “reference” of sorts. My local store was out them, but they had some Wild Twist. I decided to give them a try. Let me tell ya something, these things are good! I know this is blasphemy, but it *might* even be better than Honeycrisp.

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