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"The Curb Stomp of Apples"

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Smitten Apple

The curb stomp of apples, this concrete product of a masochistic breeder in New Zealand is so hard that eating it is quite a lot like biting into a rock. The witch-curse they call a tagline for this apple is “Once bitten, forever smitten”, which reads like a warning label for an impending zombie horde attack, is an appropriate motif for an apple that tastes like the guts of an undead corpse. Avoid this mealy rock-fruit at all costs, for the only person Smitten with this apple will be your local orthodontist.

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20 thoughts on “Smitten Apple Review”

  1. If you can’t bite into the apple try cutting it into quarters. The Smitten apple is absolutely beautiful, juicy, sweet and yes crisp but not hard. Well done to the Kiwis who developed it.

  2. Smitten is one of the tastiest apples in the world, with great crisp texture and juice content. I buy them whenever I see them. I do not understand this review at all. Maybe he got one that wasn’t ripe. If you core them first, you will not notice any hardness.

    1. Have been looking for this Apple for years since I first tasted one. The best ever! Why they discontinued here I’ll never know. Love love love them. Best ever!!!!

  3. I fell in love with apples all over again when I tasted my very first Smitten. Now, all other apples through the season must be ranked against the Smitten as the best.

  4. Wow! What a strange review. I love Smitten and anticipate their arrival in my store here in Oregon USA every autumn. Their window of availability always seems short so I feast while I can. Great Apple.

  5. Makes me wonder that the reviewer is only baiting Smitten lovers to write about it’s wonderfulness. I’ve had only one, but I’d get it again if I couldn’t get Winesaps.

  6. I seen these at Kwik Trip today, 12 for 6.49. I thought i would take a chance and holy cow. I just tried them. Never have i ate 2 apples back to back, but i just did. That’s how good the 1st one was. We have Honey Crisp apples here fresh off the tree at the Applefest,..and the Smitten have a flavor all their own, and are just as good as Honey Crisp, if not better. Will be buying them again as soon as i’m out. Never heard of Smitten Apples before..!

  7. The reviewer must be “off his noggin”. This apple is everything he says it is not. It is juicy, not hard at all and very flavorful. If this reviewer thinks he is an expert on the subject of apples then he needs to find a new profession.

  8. When the Smitten Apple was first introduced, the apples in the store actually came from New Zealand and they were perfectly ripe and delicious! Now the ones I am finding here in the Midwest are grown in the U. S. (usually Washington state). They are half green, picked and shipped way too early, and they taste awful. Another example of the U.S. growers ruining a good thing by rushing it to market.

  9. Bought a few smitten apples the other week to try. I made sure to try a few before making judgement (in case I just got a bad one). It was edible, nothing special…. why settle for that when there are better options?. Unsure whether this is the “breed standard” but my smitten apples were small compared to other breeds….this may be convenient for lunch boxes, but I felt underwhelmed, finishing it in so few bites 🙁

  10. What??? I’ve tried every variety, and this is my absolute favorite apple. Never had a soft one – always crunchy (crisp, not rock hard) and incredibly tasty. One commenter suggested US grown Smitten may be inferior to NZ, that has not been my experience. I’ve eaten hundreds and have never been disappointed.

  11. I LOVE this apple! I stopped eating uncooked apples because all I ever got were mealy textured apples. I ate one and the flavor is sweet and a little tart, very crunchy! YUM! My favorite now!

  12. It is the very first time I have tried Smitten and I have to say it is the best apple I have ever tasted, I live in Herefordshire U.K. which is apple growing country. I am 80 years old and I think I know a good apple.

  13. This is by far my favourite apple. If I see it, I buy it and will throw out other apples I have to make way for them. I think this is a troll review.

  14. I rate this apple high. Because it is so dense, it is satisfying. There are a few apples at the top of my list, but they will need to move over for the Smitten.

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