Lady Alice Apple Review

"A Perfectly Nice Lady"

Barely Worth It
Lady Alice Apple

This non-playable character of an apple, spawned by a freak accident involving a tractor blade and a Red Delicious tree (not a joke), is an unremarkable background extra with no distinguishable qualities beyond a mildly interesting Victorian-Era sticker. Confusingly named “Lady Alice”, since this apple has nothing to do with the much more famous Pink Lady, Alice has a middling candy-like sweetness, a skin that won’t offend, and a juiciness that’ll have to do, I guess. Alice is a perfectly nice lady, but like an office colleague who sits somewhere over there, you will forget this apple’s name in the elevator even though it may have joined you for lunch on multiple occasions.

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Red Apple Icon



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Red Delicious x Unknown


Gleed, Washington – USA




Late Fall – Early Spring


Winter Apple, Baking

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21 thoughts on “Lady Alice Apple Review”

  1. I definitely prefer Lady Alice apples to Lady Lady apples, at least the ones my Canadian grocery store sells. LA are consistently crisp while PL are softer and less flavourful. To each his own!

    1. You are biased. This is a great apple type and it is not available that often. Your writing is rubbish just like one of the other commenter said.

  2. I just had an Organic Lady Alice for the first time today and it was fantastic! Crisp and tart, but a bit sweet at the same time. It was so delicious I picked through my trash to find the label so I could buy it again. 5/5 stars.

  3. I can’t think of a more tasteless metaphor for what a bloody apple tastes like. The apple is great, but your writing here is rubbish.

  4. Apparently the tester had a poor quality Lady Alice. It is true that they are not always superb when older but a good Lady Alice is one of my top apples. I love trying new apples. I always get 2 apples whenever I see a new variety I haven’t tried before so I have tried a lot of varieties. With Lady Alice I fill a bag and then come back for more. The thing not even mentioned is typically have had a touch of spiced apple pie flavor to me. At the end of their season they definitely start to seem a bit more regular but if you are ranking apples it would make sense to have them fresh and try some from several apples.

  5. I wish I could find these apples again! The reviewer probably works for the Cosmic Crisp Cartel…Lady Alices are really a wonderful bite. One of my tops. When I quit smoking I started being able to taste again and went on a whole voyage of apple testing. I found Lady Alices to be my platonic ideal of what a perfect apple is. She may not jump out at you with anything flashy, but the flesh is crisp and flavourful and the skin is delicately perfumed. Great balance between sweet & tart. Does that means she’s the Plain Jane in the corner? If you say so, but she’s also the girl I’m bringing home to Mama, and waking up next to every morning. Not to be missed!

  6. Love the Lady Alice Apple!! Was excited to get them at Whole Foods this week. Hope they have them from Fall through Spring.

  7. I really like lady Alice, I also enjoy pink lady, cosmic crisp, and red delicious, u also had some of these yellow apples, they were delicious as well, I forget their name. Right now my favorite is lady Alice, might change in the future.

  8. I had my first this year, and not only was the flavor complex and pleasant, I was fascinated by the texture….
    This is a bizarre comparison, but it’s what I imagine lightly dampened floral foam might be like when I watch asmr videos involving it.
    It was crisp but juicy,
    Very dense yet very airy.
    I haven’t had another apple with that specific texture.
    Two thumbs up, absolutely would buy again

  9. lol, I’m going to have to agree with the other comments here. Lady Alice is a great apple. Maybe you had a bad one, idk? This wont make sense to anyone as a positive trait, but I find there’s something woodsy about it? Earthy maybe. Can almost taste the orchard. Idk. But it’s unique and I love this apple. I pick some up whenever I see them in the store.

  10. Totally agree that it’s an undistinguished apple, but of course so much variation is possible in one kind of apple. I got some Cosmic Crisps from Whole Foods — organic — they were amazing. Then I got more a week later — much larger — and not as good. Still quite good tho. My organic Lady Alice apples — 2 of them to try out — and felt the same way you did — “an unremarkable background extra with no distinguishable qualities” — But who knows, maybe I got some duds.

  11. Your review is funny and definitely your perspective which is the point of a review. I’m disheartened to read all the rude and negative comments from people who don’t have a sense of humor. I myself love the tart crunchy Lady Alice apples available this year. Thanks for this website!

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