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It is difficult to move past the embarrassment of a name like Hunnyz. An auto-correct text that could end a relationship, the branding of this apple takes center-stage with its bastardization of the word “honey” utilizing not just an early aughts “z” but a Pooh Bear backwards “n” to boot. To make matters worse, this apple does not taste like honey in the slightest. In fact, it somewhat tastes like nothing. A sack of wet air with the occasional fruity spritz. Boasting a Honeycrisp and Crimson Crisp heritage, the saving grace of this apple is a superior crispness and snappy white flesh that may even surpass its parents in quality. Unfortunately, with a humiliating name like Hunnyz, this apple can only be scarfed down in a dark closet to avoid rightful ridicule and thus should be consumed only by the most self-confident eaters.

UPDATE 2022: I’ve tried the new crop with an open mind based on reader’s comments and, I have to say, the commenters are wrong. This apple is exactly what I remember it being: Barely Worth It. Yes, it is snappy and crunchy and juicy, but it tastes like a sack of wet air with an occasional hint of bathroom cleaner mixed in. -2 Taste, -1 Crispness, +1 Skin, -1 Flesh, +2 Juiciness, Density -1, Beauty +3, Branding -1, Cost +1. TOTAL SCORE: 61 – > 60 (Barely Worth It).





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Honeycrisp x Crimson Crisp


Washington State, USA




Fall – Winter


Munching, Heckle Fruit

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  1. “eat in dark closet to avoid ridicule?” Well that is melodramatic — and about an apple! I disagree. Hunnyz is a super crispy, crunch, semi-sweet apple with a bit of tang. For those that like a crunch apple, it doesn’t get more crunchier than this one. Give the apple a break. Bite on.

    1. I agree with your assessment – this is one of the snappiest, crispiest apples around. Although very little taste. The ridicule comes from the awful name. Imagine you’re at dinner and someone asks, “What’s your favorite apple?” And you’re forced to say “Hunnyz.” They might kick you out of the restaurant.

      1. Bill Vance produce manager Camano Plaza IGA

        I am a produce manager on Camano Island Washington we just received our two cases of hunnyz and cut a few up for my crew everybody thought it was the best apple they’d ever had we sample all new apples to customers and crew members and overwhelmingly the honeyz was everybody’s favorite.

        1. I got a giant one as a gift – never had it before and LOVED the flavor!
          Maybe the nay-sayers just had a bad batch… but mine was also the ‘best I ever had’

    2. You are so right those are some of the best Apple’s that I have ever had I’ve been buying them from the produce place in Dallas for about 3 years and I cannot find a better Apple. I don’t know who owns the Apple ranking business but they need to be fired because they don’t know what they’re talking about. The best apple you will ever eat.

      1. I love these apples! I’ve had apples at Pike Market in Seattle which were amazing. I try lots of varieties and I prefer it to just honeycrisp.

  2. This is the most off-the-mark review I think I’ve ever read. So off-the-mark it’s easy to question the credentials and culinary acumen of the writer.
    My suggestion is that people ignore this absurd “review” and try this apple. Form your own opinion. This reviewer would probably dis chocolate and champagne as pig slop. The fact is that regardless of the name (no claimed credentials here other than my tastebuds) I have not tasted any apple for fresh in-hand consumption that is better. That includes for flavor, color, crispness, density and sweetness. I’ve tasted most of the competition over the years and this apple hands down is superior. It is expensive in our part of the Country, but what isn’t. Moreover, it’s one of the few apple varieties that I actually look for in the stores and if available, buy regularly and eat regularly. Five stars from this reviewer. Trust your mouth, not “Apple Rankings” #Offthemarkreviews.

      1. This was one of the tastiest apples I’ve ever eaten. I haven’t liked an apple this much in over 40 years. I bought a couple dozen and had one every day. Now I’m sad that I can’t seem to find any to replace them.
        When I read such a lousy review I couldn’t help but think it must be a joke.

        1. Great job, detective. You somehow discovered that the article you read on a comedy website is a joke.
          How did you pull it off?

    1. The whole right column of scores is moot to me. They might influence whether or not I buy, but the quality of the apple is based on eating it. And I’ve been trying every new variety I see just for the experience regardless of rankings.

  3. You must have got a bad batch as the one I am currently eating is absolutely wonderful. It’s wonderfully sweet and crisp with a lovely bit of tart. It is a great apple

  4. Although I find your writing at times funny, this review is way off the mark. Every time I eat a Hunnyz, I have to have more, find more, devour more. Fuji was my favorite forever, occasionally a fresh Gala, but this one has that extra tropical note to it. There are so many red apples among the newer choices I rarely eat more than one and move back to what I know. And what I know is I need a source year round for my Hunnyz. I hope they develop more distribution, and last longer throughout the season. Name is irrelevant to me, taste is everything.

  5. What an apple is named is not relevant. Flavor and crunch is. And this one is loaded with both. Best apple there is bar none. The only drawback is the length of seasonal supply and it’s distribution. I had them available for a long time and now my store is out. I will end up waiting eagerly until Fall for the next crop, and will pester my store that carried them until they get them back in. My only solace will be cherries and stone fruit to tide me over.

  6. How do you move past the embarrassment of putting on full display your ignorance of what people may appreciate in the taste of an apple? The fact that I can get an apple in April that isn’t 15 minutes short of becoming applesauce is nothing short of miraculous. The name is completely irrelevant to any ranking. And your preferences in taste means absolutely nothing to the rest of us. I like Granny Smith, Honey Crisp, as well as Cosmic Crisp (nothing stupid about that name). My wife does not, so their appearance in our household is rare and seasonal. If you don’t like it, don’t eat it. But public berating is hardly necessary because you can’t think of something interesting (or relevant) to write about.

  7. This apple does indeed have a terrible name. But most of its flaws end there. Crispy, crunchy, juicy, just sweet enough with a hint of tart. This apple tastes like really good apples used to taste, back when they had more flavor than shelf-life. It may indeed be be the best apply I’ve had in years. Then again, I’ve only had one; I should probably update here after I’ve eaten a bag full….

  8. People, the owner/reviewer of this website is a comedian….not a proper food critic/reviewer and his review of hunnyz is proof. He probably didn’t even actually eat one. He’s just doing this to boost his online presence.

    Thank you so much to those above who know this apple is awesome.

  9. I discovered this amazing apple about 1 year ago where I work. Will never eat another apple again. The flavor is succulent and the crisp nature of it is better than the honeycrisp IMO.

  10. HUNNYZ needs to be eaten late into its storage life! I had one freshly picked and it was awful- just as described.

    I left the other 3 in the fridge with the intent to juice them later- then decided to feed one to my dogs several weeks later. I took a bite to Make sure the still-hard frankenfruit hadn’t gone entirely bad- only to be socked in the mouth with honeycrisp caramel apple sweetness. I DID share that apple with the dogs, but I happily ate the other two. They just need time to mature after picking, it seems. Next time I’ll buy 10lbs and put them aside for later, on purpose.

  11. Oh my gosh, this is my newest favorite apple! Brian you have to give this one yet another try. I was a honeycrisp girl, then a Snapdragon devotee, but now I’m living for this Hunnyz I’m eating right now. It’s the MOST crisp! Tart but also sweet. I get a honey note. I got a single one from Fresh Market, not a 2lb bag (if they come that way or if it makes a difference). I hope you’re blessed to find a good one because this rating is criminal.

  12. My favorite apples, most consistently, are Honeycrisp, Sugarbee, and variously others, such as Hunnyz,…. it’s good. It’s an 8+ on the 10 scale.

    You should be riding for Yelp. You’re an entertainment writer, but, with apples, you’re not valid.

  13. I’m going to have to agree with the experts on this one. Good crisp but not much in the taste department. Not very aesthetically pleasing. So many better apples than this. 2/10 stars

    1. It’s too crisp (it’s an apple that you can cut your mouth on) and it’s very sweet and a bit tart, but lacks any true substance. I’m definitely not filled after eating this apple. It’s as if you made an apple out of apple juice and cardboard. Overall, I could see this apple doing well in a fruit salad mixed with another apple.

  14. people sure are offended by a comedian on the internet disagreeing with them about apples on a website he runs for fun, yeesh.

    you don’t gotta agree with him or even like the jokes, but maybe lay off the accusatory tones?

  15. Who did this apple review???!! I’m not an apple sommelier, but for me, the Honnyz is a 10. . . . the best I’ve ever had. Extremely crunchy, juicy, and ever so sweet. It’s what I always thought a red delicious should be. For everyone who likes sweet treats, this apple is right up there with . . . Hershey’s chocolate . . . or a Mounds bar — and I’m supposing that it would be considered much healthier.

  16. Bitingly funny apple reviews.
    10/10 for humor -and patience with people who seem to have stumbled here blindly looking for bias confirmation instead of enjoying a laugh.
    Does “You’ve been eating trash” in the header not clue people in?

  17. Nope. Whoever you’ve been buying Hunnyz from is doing them wrong. I’m eating my first one right now and it’s on par with the comments. I just had a Snapdragon yesterday which tasted exactly as you described, and you gave that an (IMHO) very generous 87 considering how mild the flavor is. The Hunnyz is far better, with richness and complexity, high sugar and a bit of tartness, plus all the snap and juice I could ask for. I’ve been trying new varieties left and right this year and this is definitely one of the better ones. I’ve been coming to realize just how badly some apples are done by the wrong growers, wrong timing, etc. (For example, if the last Honeycrisp I ate was the first one I’d ever tried I’d never waste my money on them again.) Clearly the ones you’ve been getting fall under that. Do yourself a favor and grab a properly grown Hunnyz if you ever find yourself in WA (US) this time of year.

  18. As I indulge in the essence of this crisp, suckle, yet crunchy apple. I am shocked that I have gone years of my life without experiencing the taste of the Hunnyz apple. It is, without a doubt, in my mind, the best apple I have ever had. When I think about the taste, the crunch, and the tartness of an apple, this is what I imagine. 9.6/10

  19. if you provide your address, i will send you a hunnyz from my local product market. it has changed my life. i will never eat another apple again. perhaps you were sick or in a bad mood when you tried yours. please reconsider updating your latest update.

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