SugarBee Apple Review

"The Honey Grenade"

SugarBee Apple


The SugarBee, created in Minnesota by a bee’s chance cross-pollination of a Honeycrisp blossom and an unknown apple variety is a handsome skee-ball of an apple substantial enough to kill a man in close combat. When held, one can’t help but feel the reverberations of its awesome power, understanding that if man had harnessed such a densely packed sugar bomb in the state of nature he would reign supreme for generations. Thankfully, in today’s world, the natural urge to kill using this apple can easily be avoided and replaced with the joy of an exceptionally juicy bite, satisfying crunch, and a robustly rich honey-like taste.

Aside from the fact that this apple really does taste like honey, the most remarkable aspect of the SugarBee Apple is its horrifying, murder-doll-esque bee mascot. Be sure to watch the video below for a glimpse of this nightmarish CGI bee (with a little boy’s haircut for some reason) that is moments away from flying through your screen and eating your soul.

BONUS POINTS: +2 Juiciness, +1 Cider Apple

Branding / Consistency




Red Apple Icon



Red Apple Icon



Red Apple Icon


Honeycrisp x Unknown


Minnesota / Washington State




Fall – Early Spring


Munching, Cider

56 thoughts on “SugarBee Apple Review”

    1. I have eaten many apples. Sugarbee has become my favorite. Yes they cost more, but I will pay that for this huge, great tasting apple

      1. Preach! These apples crush Honeycrisp apples. They must have been eating a 2-month old apple to rate the flavor and skin as low as they did. Either that or the authors had been sick of eating apples all day cause LAWD these are great apples. Nothing better than a sugarbee apple.

  1. I absolutely love these sugar bee apples. I’m from Texas and we get all kinds of apples from everywhere and I never cared for them because of the thick skins lack of taste and to much wax on them. Theses are the best apples we have ever gotten.

  2. Have to disagree on this one. I was skeptical from your review and based on scent thought it might be past peak but was pleasantly surprised. Mine was not overly dense – if anything maybe a touch on the soft side without much snap, but not to the point of being unpleasant. Definitely a far cry from the Envy jawbreaker. Juicy and sweet with a bit of acidity for balance and rich, fairly complex flavor. Ironically I’d say more honey like than its parent which has a more of a simple sugariness. They got their branding backwards, lol. Not at the top of my list but under your system I’d put it in the solid mid 70s. Certainly worth buying again. I wonder how much difference the location makes in quality – I’m in the apple capital of WA which should be a good environment for varieties like this.

        1. I just tried two of these. The first one was awful in taste and texture and I threw it out after a few bites. The second was extremely mid, like a gala. Maybe I got a bad batch or something but I don’t understand all the rave reviews in the comments at all. They weren’t even that notably sweet.

  3. You’re high. Before I tried this apple I didn’t even like apples. I still don’t like most of them, but this is worth the extra to me. To be sure I have not had a flavorless one yet. Can’t say the same about the others.

  4. Eating one right now…. at this very moment. I came across your site yesterday and couldn’t wait to see what my SugarBee had in store. I don’t think mine could serve as a medieval weapon, maybe a good playground or fraternity projectile though. It does have a nice crunch, juicy and sweet, overall pretty dang good. I’ve shared your site with my workmates. Your apple vernacular is a huge hit and super useful as everyone is on a health kick (new year you know). Who knew there were so many spoils to choose from in the apple world.

  5. I was surprised to see the review. I bought one the other day just to try it out and loved it. It was sweet, juicy, and had great texture. I will definitely buy more. I think it is my favorite now.

  6. I have read the above reviews and I have to disagree with them in general. I LOVE the Sugarbee apple, and since discovering it haven’t eaten any other variety. It is everything I love best in an apple. I never eat the peel off any apple, so no worries there. They are crisp, juicy, and sweet. They are plenty firm enough to stand up to a swipe through stiff peanut butter. I say try them and enjoy. To each his/her own!

    1. If you remove the skin and are taking advantage of the SugarBee’s density to scoop peanut butter then I can see this being a favorite apple. But I have to take the apple as a whole into account and all my reviews are first and foremost based on munching, not scooping. Therefore, we’re probably not that far off on our opinions of this apple.

  7. I got a Sugar Bee Apple as a sample from one of the grocers I use. It has been sitting in my refrig in a “presentation” box for many weeks. I finally tasted it and am convinced it is a fantastic apple. I usually get Pink Lady But if I can find more Sugar Bee apples I will be really hummin’.

  8. I hadn’t eaten any apple in decades when I found Sugar Bees at Sprouts last fall when buying Honeycrisps for my husband. OMG! I wound up buying 8-10 at a time, keeping them in my fridge crisper drawer and eating at least 2 every single morning until their season ended. Yeah, they are dense and pricey, but I am addicted.

  9. Hi tried these apples because the produce man at Sprouts said how good they are. He was So right. They are a little pricey at 2:99 a lb. But they are worth it to me. Keep them coming !!!!

  10. I was never a regular apple consumer until I tried these on a whim. Now I purchase weekly as they are so good. Have almost a watermelon sweetness. They are on the expensive side, hoping they come down a bit as they become more popular.

  11. SugarBee is in my top three apples (SugarBee, EverCrisp, HoneyCrisp). the first year they were available in my state of Oregon I was shocked at their floral, sweet, syrupy flavor. Yes, the acidity is low, but that floral note was over the moon. Their skin is a little tough, but the flavor more than makes up for it. The last couple years’ crops have been missing that floral note. Every once in a while I hit a lucky one. While the magic is a little off, they are never mealy. Always crisp and juicy. This year’s crop so far has been closer to my earlier expectation.

  12. The visual beauty of the SugarBee apple is hard to beat as is the juiciness. It’s also pretty darn sweet. Pleasantly different!

  13. There’s a taste that I can’t describe but it reminds me of wild apples we gather from abandoned orchards as kids. This is a great apple. Juicy and flavorful. I love the crunch. I don’t mind the skin. I assume it’s coarseness is off putting to some people but I liked the texture. I scrubbed the apple carefully and enjoyed every bite. My chihuahua also loved his portion.

  14. Pacific Rose apples are my absolute favorite but didn’t see on your apple list. They’re difficult to find & very seasonal I assume. So have been trying different apples to find one with the closest delicious soft, sweet taste with no tartness.

  15. I just had the dubious dis/honor of buying one of these massive water buckets. At $3.90 a pound I expected that a honeycrisp descendant would be sweet malic ambrosia. I was wrong. Honeycrisp reigns supreme!

  16. After trying Honeycrisp apples I thought I have found the best apple out there. Until I tried these SugarBee apples. I love the taste of these so much!

  17. I live in NYS and we grow a lot of different varieties in the state. I have never come across a Sugar Bee until this March and my taste buds fell in love. Absolutely delicious! Yes, a little more costly than other varieties but my point of view, totally worth it!

  18. Not a big Apple fan for just snacking on them. Since trying Sugar Bee I’m willing to pay the price and eat 1-2 a day. I live close to the NC mountains and can get up to 20 varieties, from Honeycrisp, Galas, Pink Lady, etc. But Sugar Bee has won me over.

  19. I just ate one of these and didn’t like it at all. Maybe I’m too used to the top-ranked Kanzi. It was watery and somewhat flavorless, a bit sweet but little else. (Perhaps I like my apples a bit more tart.) I would not describe it as having a “robustly rich honey-like taste.” The flesh was dense but not satisfyingly crisp. It was pretty big and eating it felt like a chore. I have three more and I’m not looking forward to eating them.

  20. Curious. When I tried SugarBee two years ago I was pleasantly surprised in comparison to your less than enthusiastic review, which I recall being somewhere in the low to mid 60s. Now I come back to find you’ve given it a full *80*?? I see you added a couple points for juice/cider, but that’s not enough to make such a difference, so what changed?

  21. Just need to say to any naysayers, this is by far THE BEST apple I’ve ever eaten in my life! Pink lady and honeycrisp apples were the only apples I loved before ever coming across this delicious SUGARbee! It’s well rounded flavor and crunch keeps me excited for the next bite! Just thought to myself let me see if anyone else is a fan out there! LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS BEAUTIFUL APPLE!!! Thanks be to our God!

  22. I love apples and have always eaten them. My son bought these for me and I could not believe how delicious they are. Most of all was the crispness of mine was amazing. It seems the last few years apples have gotten less crisp but these are wonderful.

  23. Sugar Bee apples are the BEST….I had always eaten Envy apples but could not get them one time so I tried the Sugar Bee ones..It really beats the taste of the Envy apples.. I love a crisp apple and it is that but also a wonderful, sweet flavor….I look forward to eating one every day.

  24. Our local grocery store had these for 77 cents per pound, which is a good price, but what attracted me was the color of these apples. I was really impressed with the prettiness of the apples, so I bought one. For me, it is the BEST apple that I have ever eaten. It is much tastier than a red apple, and there is no comparison in the texture between these two types. I cut the apple in half, and stored the other half in a plastic sandwich bag, and placed it in the ‘fridge. I ate that half late, and I was impressed that it didn’t brown! I went from red apples to Gala apples, but this one is now my go to apple!

  25. Blech…
    This apple is way too sweet for me. It’s like they soaked it in syrup before selling it. Not going to go for this one again.

  26. I ate this apple by chance the first year they became available in supermarkets. Someone left one in my car after a hike and It had been rolling around in the back for like a week. Still firm, fresh, and juicy when I bit into it, these apples become my obsession. I ate them until they were out for the season, waiting until the next harvest, proselytizing to whoever would listen about their second coming.

  27. I live in the Chicago area and will only shop at Jewel because they are the only store to carry these delicious orbs of sugary goodness.

  28. Just tried one of these. It is pleasantly crunchy and sweet and lacks any complexity. Not as bad as the horrible Evercrisp I tried today but I wouldn’t buy it again.

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