Pazazz Apple Review

"The Desperate Musical Theater Major"

Barely Worth It
Pazazz Apple

A hefty prize horse created by honeybees in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, the Pazazz Apple will elbow its way into your mouth like a musical theater major looking for acceptance and leave behind a mild taste as memorable as said student’s inevitably disappointing career. Each bite of the Pazazz is a masterclass in stage hand-combat (particularly if you pick up the larger non-bagged varieties) forcing you to contend with a formidable construction and razor-sharp skin that will end your singing career early. All in all, the Pazazz Apple is “a lot”. However, if you can move past the cries of desperation that surround it, you will find exceptional juiciness and a good crisp bite that may be worth, at the very least, an audition with your tastebuds.





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Honeycrisp x Unknown


Eau Claire, Wisconsin




Late Fall – Winter


Munching, Baking


The Jolly Rancher Apple

7 thoughts on “Pazazz Apple Review”

  1. As I am on my break eating a Pazazz I bought yesterday, I find it reminds me of what Red Delicious was like in the 1980’s. Somewhere in the 90’s R.D. growers started crossing their trees to make a softer textured apple, because people were complaining that it had become too hard to bite into. But they took it too far sacrificing both flavor and texture. Pazazz is just right!!! It is a bit hard, and you really have to work that first bite, or use a knife. But the crunchy texture is worth it. It could be a little bit sweeter, but it’s almost at the right level. This apple will be great in salads, used with dips, and for other displays, since it is slower to brown than R.D., but still use your favorite anti-browning technique if it will be on display for more than 30 min. This apple, if left as it is, should become a challenger to the Gala’s in the market. The Growers have this one just right, so don’t mess with it!!! Give the public a few seasons to find it, while advertising its qualities. There are plenty of sweet apples, but very few with a stand-up crunch. I stopped eating RD’s when they got as mushy as their Golden cousins, thank you for giving me an apple I have been missing for a long time.

    1. Please, get your horticultural facts straight. Red Delicious was not ruined by “crossing” with anything. Red Delicious was ruined by the industry cloning (grafting) successively redder sports- naturally occurring mutations- of red delicious regardless of the lack of flavor of such sports. And then storing the fruit for a year before selling it. Apple trees reproduce sexually just like humans do. Pizazz is a cross across between that slut of an apple tree Honeycrisp and God knows whatever cad provided the pollen. It needs to be grown in a proper location to get the best flavor. I agree with Tim and Pappy below that it is underrated here.

  2. I literally just tasted my first one tonight before discovering this site lol I think they’re ranked a little low. Enjoyed the texture and taste.

  3. I just tried these for the first time and I do agree with the review. They’ve got barely any flavor depth and just come across as bland and slightly bitter. Maybe these would be good served with accompaniment, but as a standalone snack its a pass for me.

  4. This is a good apple. I would give it 4 out of 5 stars. You have to get one that is red ripe to get its full flavor profile. If you see little pink specs on the inside flesh you know you got a good one. I have tasted cream soda/cherry blossom notes with a spicy tang at the end. Great cooking and snacking apple. If you like SweetTango but can’t find one, reach for one of these!

  5. I was honestly a little shocked to see Pazazz apples to be ranked so low. They are a personal favorite. They have a nice crisp, they are pleasantly juicy, their sweetness is tempered by a mild tartness that juuuust borders on a pleasant sourness, and the skin isn’t too papery.

  6. I found this apple the week after thanksgiving at Safeway and I think it’s amazing in flavor and quality. I had been buying Cosmic crisp apples but they’re not as good as they were during the summer. I’ve gone back to Safeway every week to buy more Pazazz apples and will continue going unless these apples change. I rate them 10 stars. I’m really glad to have found this apple.

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