Lucy Glo Apple Review

"The Breathtaking Circus Freak"

Lucy Glo Apple


The Lucy Glo is a circus-freak apple with yellow skin and a red interior that shocks skeptics into submission. Most would expect this clown-urine soaked frog testicle to taste like an unhealed surgical wound since each bite resembles a freshly picked scab. However, most (whoever they are) should prepare their expectations to be shattered. This candy-like, perfectly tart, masterclass in a full flavor profile is a joy to eat and lives up to its flashy appearance. A novelty apple, this is not. Major branding deduction as the Lucy Glo is easily confused with its far inferior sister apple the Lucy Rose.

BONUS POINTS: +3 Uniqueness, +3 Taste, +2 Flesh

Branding / Consistency
Cost / Availability




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Honeycrisp x Rosaceae Family


Washington State




Early Fall 


Munching, Party Tray, Sour Apple

16 thoughts on “Lucy Glo Apple Review”

  1. Wow! What a grim description, especially compared to how delicious I find these apples! I enjoy tart apples, and Lucy Glo, Cripps Pink, and Granny Smith are the only three I’ve really enjoyed. The juiciness and bold color are bonuses on a Lucy Glo! They don’t keep as well as some apples, so I buy a bunch when they’re available. Hoping to find more as sour and delightful as this one, although I’ve been sadly disappointed by a number of other newer cultivars that have shown up in recent years.

  2. I just had the pleasure of trying your Lucy Glo apples. What a pleasure! Thank you 🙂 Unfortunately, when I went back to Trader Joe’s the next week they were all gone. Hopefully you’ll be able to increase production because your apples are really special.

  3. Lucy Glo Apples are the 6th most popular apple in the market at the moment, with there sweetness at a 3/5 and there popular colour and great demand for more. This candy-like, perfectly tart, masterclass in a full flavor profile is a joy to eat and lives up to its flashy appearance. A novelty apple, this is not. The rankings consisted of +3 Uniqueness, +3 Taste, +2 Flesh. in my oppinuion this is by far the most exotic, flavour full, crispy apple that just make your mouth craving more of the sweetness.

  4. I picked up half a dozen of these last year when they were marked down, drove home and tasted one. I drove back to the store about 15 minutes later with the intent to buy a dozen more and the entire display was sold out.

    I guess I was late to the craze but I’m eagerly awaiting their return to the shelves this year!

  5. Your reviews are trash if u think kanzi and honey crisp are better. Lucy glo has the best balance of acidity. Sweetness and sour. It’s also beautiful and crisp. 100 points easy.

    1. You, my Goodman, are a fool. And I’m inclined to say you haven’t ever had a kanzi if you think Lucy glos are better.

  6. What about Northern Spy? I’ve read they are THE best pie apple, but hard to come by. I’m still looking to try one, anyone else tried them?

    1. You are correct, Northern Spy apples are the best apples for pies. They are very hard to find. I had to plant one tree in my orchard because no other orchard around me had any of them. Great apple!!

  7. Ever since I discovered your wonderful website, I rush here every time I see a new-to-me apple at the grocery store. I found these at my local Trader Joe’s, and man did your ranking not disappoint. I think Lucy Glo is my new favorite apple. I prefer my apples to lean tart, and this one is just perfect. The red flesh is fun, too, because it freaks out my students when they see me eating one. I see the Kanzi apple ranks higher. I will endeavor to find one.

  8. ATrueAppleEnthusiast

    After two years of searching for these supposedly superb apples, I finally had the chance to buy some, and let me say, they did not disappoint. The sheer peculiarness of the Lucy Glo cannot be understated; they are by far the strangest apples I’ve ever had. They are outstanding in every possible way, from the tart and sour flavour, to the crisp and juicy flesh, to the bizarre and eye catching colours. The Lucy Glo is a truly phenomenal apple. The only criticism I could possibly give is that I wish that they were a more commonly grown apple.

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