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Gala Apple


The Gala is a robust apple that can be and is grown all over the world all year-long. As a result, it has become a wholly inoffensive mainstay that can be found in any supermarket, at any time, anywhere in the developed world. In fact, in 2018 the Gala surpassed the gag-worthy Red Delicious as America’s Most Popular Apple. This does not mean the Gala is some kind of transcendent Godsend. On the contrary, it is more akin to an uncool step-parent who eventually wins you over simply by consistently showing up. Red Delicious – please leave, we have a new father now.

The Gala is known by many names depending on where it is grown: Annaglo, Galaxy, Regala, Tenroy, Mondial Gala, Royal Gala, Rainier Gala. This can lead to wildly inconsistent freshness, depending on the time of year and where you’re located. You MUST buy Gala’s that are grown where it is currently Autumn. The Royal Gala from New Zealand (Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite apple – hence “Royal”) should be freshest April – June. Meanwhile, the Rainier Gala from Washington State should be freshest September – December. Take note of this, fellow munchers, for an off-season Gala may be nothing more than a six-month old, previously frozen, grain silo in a fruit jacket.

BONUS POINTS: +2 Availability, +1 Cider Rank

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23 thoughts on “Gala Apple Review”

  1. Phenomenal apple when stewed, no additional sugar required. Their wonderful natural sweetness seems to double when cooked.

  2. Considering the availability of these apples in nearly every grocery store, I would say that the Gala apple is a hard 75! They have that initial crisp when you first bite into it while having soft and sweet innards. Their natural sweetness should rank them a bit higher than mediocre, more like above average! Also, I don’t see having 1/5 in tartness as a bad thing, it should be good that your apples are not sour! Overall, Gala apples should rise up to 75!
    ʕ ·ᴥ·ʔ人ʕ·ᴥ· ʔ

      1. I think “mediocre” isn’t a good description of the four apples in this category. “Good” would be better description. To me, “mediocre” would be a lower ranking than “serviceable.” “Good”, on the other hand, captures the spirit of “the inoffensive mainstay” much better. Good, not very good, not excellent, not fabulous, but better than serviceable.

  3. ATrueAppleEnthusiast

    I completely agree. I just had a Gala and it was the most basic and uninteresting experience of my life. There was nothing particularly bad about, and there was nothing particularly good either. The taste was decent, but bland and uninteresting. The density was good enough, but the skin and flesh were slightly subpar. If you relate to normal SpongeBob, than this is the perfect apple for you: bland, boring, and overall very emotionless

  4. I bought Cosmic Crisp and Envy the last 2 weeks, both good. A month ago Honeycrisp, which some went to the deer, not good. Today I see Gala from Chile, you think they’re a better choice than the first two, after they been 6 months in storage? And the Gala’s are a better deal. All from Sam’s Club.

  5. Herpus McDerpington

    I’ve had too many of these over the years and have gotten sick of the flavor. Their taste reminds of the way stink bugs smell.

  6. Got to throw in my two cents worth as well. I like Gala apples, as well as Fujis, Honey Crisps, Pink Ladies and Snapdragons. I favor the Snapdragon over the rest but they are all good eating. It truly depends on where they come from and when you get them.

  7. I used to buy these until they started tasting like grass.
    They are not sweet like they used to be.
    I don’t buy them anymore.

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