Apple Rankings is a website run by just some guy named Brian Frange. I am that guy. I am typing this. I pride myself in not taking any money from the the corporate interests of big apple in order to keep these rankings 100% unbiased and out of the influence of the fearsome mega-conglomerates that would have me place Red Delicious at the top of the list for the cool sum of $85,000. 

However, running this web site costs money and a great deal of time. In fact, I lost several thousand dollars in the last eight minutes. One time the site went viral and caused my server to crash. I was forced to migrate the site to a fancy and more expensive server. 

Enough of the sob story! If you could spare a few dollars to donate toward keeping this site running and 100% independent of outside influence I, and the apple eaters of the world, would greatly appreciate it!