SnapDragon Apple Review

"A Chomp-Worthy Newcomer"

SnapDragon Apple

This chomp-worthy newcomer from Cornell University’s Apple Breeding Program is the company rival to the parallel developed Ruby Frost. But that thick-skinned ice queen is incinerated by the SnapDragon’s crisp flesh, exceptional juiciness, and expectation-surpassing “Monster Crunch.” A semi-unsightly mythical offspring of the Honeycrisp, the fantastically branded SnapDragon is endowed with its mother’s best familial qualities that have secured the reign of her wide-ranging empire for the past several decades.

However, if the Honeycrisp empire were bequeathed to the SnapDragon it would quickly fall. Despite its titanic crunch, mellow flavor notes of what some may describe as “vanilla” or “melon” are far too understated to keep the masses satiated for long. Additionally, with a tree that “lacks vigor”, this dragon has proven to be a monster of a problem for apple breeders hoping to spread their wings beyond New York State.

BONUS POINTS: +1 Branding, +1 Crispness, +1 Density, +1 Flesh

Branding / Consistency




Red Apple Icon



Red Apple Icon



Red Apple Icon


Honeycrisp x

Golden Delicious x

Monroe x Melrose


Cornell University, New York




Late Fall


Munching, Salads

14 thoughts on “SnapDragon Apple Review”

  1. Dropping this here since apparently you’re a hermit who doesn’t use email (or contact pages.)
    Have you tried the Green Dragon apple? Apparently it’s been around for a long time under various trademarked names, and I’m surprised it hasn’t taken off. It totally defies expectations – it’s a Golden Delicious offspring full of juice and flavor, and a green apple that tastes like spun sugar! Sweetest apple I’ve ever had. A bit one dimensional without any tartness to balance that, but still very good. Maybe people ignore it because of the outward Granny Smith resemblance, but there’s certainly none in flavor!

  2. Something unique about SnapDragons is that their advertisement and guarantee of being grown in New York is really useful for me. I have anaphylactic reactions to apples grown in different places, something to do with soil or pollen differences we’re not sure, but New York apples have always been fine and having that label of exactly where they came from allowed me to finally start consistently having apples again, and now I have 2 with every breakfast like a proper addict.

    1. (I’m aware most bagged apples list their place of origin, but New York is the only place that I already by circumstance know doesn’t affect me and I’m not keen on risking an ER visit just to find out what other apple origins are fine or not.)

    2. Born on the Eastern Seaboard

      Funny, I came to the same conclusion about apples from the Northeast after realizing my mouth didn’t itch at all after eating Macintoshes, which are very rare here. Put it down to growing up over there, shrugged it off, but maybe there’s something more allergenic about western seaboard orchards in general?

      Back on topic, I do love (also not itchy) Snapdragons for the taste and small size.

  3. I find these Snapdragons have quickly become my favorite apple. They are consistently snappy and sweet. Even after a few days in the fridge they have amazing crunch and are NEVER mealy.

    I had been go-to gala, then a honeycrisp fan before. I recently tried some sweetangos and I must say I prefer the snapdragons!

  4. I tried these on a whim once a few years ago and was blown away by how tasty they are. They’re crunchy, juicy and have a lovely mellow sweetness (and there really is a hint of vanilla). My favorite apple, the one huge drawback being their relative rarity. I hadn’t been able to find Snapdragons since before the pandemic and I’ve felt like a junkie going through withdrawal. Imagine how thrilled I was to find them at Costco today! They taste every bit as good as I remember. Finally got my fix! Now I just have to resist the temptation to eat the whole box in one day.

  5. As the name suggests this apple has an impeccable snap. Almost like popping open a fresh soda can. A sip from this apple has the refreshing taste of a gentle spring breeze with small bursts of flavor to keep you from falling asleep. My main complaint is the slight yet sudden bitter taste you get from that first taste in each bite, but that is quickly mellowed out by a sweet juicy flood.

  6. Finally got my hands on these here in Michigan. Every time someone offers them here, they’re completely sold out by the time I make it there. IN MICHIGAN. This is an apple country state. We’re picky about our apples.

    I have to say, this apple is amazing! “Mellow melon” is perhaps, a fair descriptor, but I prefer to say it has a “complex floral” flavor, far from one note. It reminds me of a “smaller cousin” of Envy, even though they’re not closely related as cultivars go. But where I class Envy into the “ultra dense jawbreaker” apples and it is certainly harder and sweeter than Snapdragon, it cant stand up to the honeyCRISP parentage with a coarser grain that doesn’t reward the eater’s pallet as well as snapdragon’s fine-grained crunch. Definitely a new fav…when I can find it.

  7. i just started to buy these apples and to my surprise they were the best i have ever had it sweet crunch reminds of my childhood when i would run around my grandpas apple orchard and help grandma bake the pies in my opinion i feel this immaculate app should be first. Now my grandparents have passed but i would love to recreate these memories when my kids bless me with a new generation of sweet apples.

    1. As one of the creators of this apple, with Kevin Maloney, we’d love to hear of your opinion of it. Please share it with the next generation and let us know of their reaction.

  8. I adore SnapDragons, but their Monster Crunch variant is AMAZING. Sweet, almost spicy. One of the “fullest” flavors I’ve ever head from an apple. Truly spectacular. Gotta try it!

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