Jazz Apple Review

"A Disharmony of Flavor Notes"

Jazz Apple

This dense, oblong, rock munch contains a dizzying array of flavors reminiscent of a pretentious jazz solo you pretend to enjoy. Not quite sweet, not quite tart, and a bit of pear thrown in for good measure – this marketing darling will keep you off-balance with a confusion of flavors that fail to harmonize effectively. Like Jazz itself, biting into this apple will spawn moments of joy and moments of boredom leaving bewildered chewers asking the question: did I really just pay for that? Not a terrible apple, but its the flavor notes I’m not tasting that bar it from a recommendation.

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22 thoughts on “Jazz Apple Review”

  1. I picked up a variety of different types to try and again your description is spot on. It’s not *bad* – as long as the texture is good it’s edible to me, and this definitely hits the mark there, but not on flavor. Just doesn’t jive.

          1. Jazz Apples are my absolute favorite! I love the crisp crunchiness of them, the perfect size of them, and even their coloring. I love that they are sweet and tangy/tart at the same time. Jazz Apples have ruined me for all other apples. I simply won’t eat anything else. I hate when they are hard to find in my area. I have literally gone to 3 grocery stores on 1 day hunting for Jazz Apples.

  2. I’ll have to respectfully disagree. I absolutely love the Jazz apple and haven’t found one I like more yet. Very crisp and juicy and just the right interesting mix of sweet and tart! I love your passion for apples and entertaining reviews. I don’t care for Jazz the music but I find the apple just right.

    1. Some people like regular Jazz, some people like Jazz apples. Everyone is different and that’s a good thing! I have this apple marked as ‘serviceable’ so it being someone’s favorite apple is well within the realm of what is acceptable in my opinion.

    2. It’s my favorite, too – the only apple I’ve consistently loved since Braeburns fell off the cliff about 20 years ago. Every other variety is a crapshoot.

  3. Joining the “jazz are my favorites” crowd. When I get them they are always and consistently:
    This is the entirety of things I want in an apple.

  4. @theappleist The people have spoken. Please review this apple! Maybe these apples don’t age well by the time they get to the US of A but these are by far the best apples on the shelf in Australia all year round. Maybe Hamish and Andy could fly you over to taste one fresh off the tree. We rate pizza shops by their margarita and likewise with apple review sites if the Jazz apple is not in the top 3 then just how much credibility do these apple rankings actually hold. Sincerely.

  5. I eat an apple a day and after experiencing a Jazz apple it’s the only apple I will eat. When my supermarket ran out of them I tried countless other apple types and none could compare. They are the perfect combination of sweet, tangy, juicy and crunchy. They are hard to find but I talked to my little local grocery store and the produce guy had a Jazz “connection” so for the past almost year I’ve had a steady supply to satisfy my addiction. They are the best!!

  6. I don’t think you meant the nickname “rock munch” as a compliment, but it honestly makes Jazz apples that much more appealing to me!

  7. I remember being delighted when I first encountered these in Canada around 10 years ago, but stopped buying them eventually as the quality degraded. Maybe it was the journey from New Zealand, but the selection came to be dominated by large mealy watery disappointments covered in too much shellac.

    Just now I bought a bag from Washington, and they’re quite small but cherry red all over with golden flesh and they are the perfect apple specimen to me. Crunchy skin that pops like a grape, crisp juicy flesh, and tastes like candy.

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