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"The Jawbreaker"

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EverCrisp Apple

The EverCrisp Apple is a sickeningly sweet colossus of impenetrable construction that will delight the most saccharine taste buds of children everywhere. Truly, the Jawbreaker of apples, this nectarous midwestern rock candy will shatter the sweet tooth of all those who dare engage in its consumption. A cross between a Honeycrisp and Fuji, the EverCrisp takes the strengths of both apples to the extreme, birthing a single syrupy flavor note bursting out of each supremely juicy, satisfyingly crisp bite. A disappointment for fans of tang, tart, or any flavor complexity whatsoever, the EverCrisp is a must-try for all those looking for their next sugary fix.

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Honeycrisp x Fuji


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19 thoughts on “EverCrisp Apple Review”

  1. These are an excellent apple. I put them in my top three right now. I agree their skin is on the thicker side, but the flavor and texture is consistently good. Never had a mealy one. The bigger challenge is finding them.

  2. Just picked a bunch a week ago, and they definitely have tartness and still taste bright – unlike the Mutsu which have mellowed into giant saccharine blobs. The EverCrisp even have cinnamony notes, which is quite pleasant. Great for snacking.

  3. I just ate the sweetest apple of my life (bar none) this ever crisp apple is to die for I consumed the whole apple in less than 5 minutes and that I never do I couldn’t put it down( fugi and honey crisp have created a masterpiece, if syrup sweet is what you desired then this is the apple of champions and very very crisp at that I’ll never eat any other apple again thank you honey crisp and fugi for this AWSOME

  4. Ecercrisp is an apple I feel has good and bad years (like hunnyz, honeycrisp, opal, and ambrosia) although its bad years are better than the others mentioned- which in off years can taste like the dirt they’re grown in – or nothing at all. In its off-years, Evercrisp is either very 1 note sweet or 1 note tart. Achieving that balanced sweet tartness so many other commenters are noting must be a factor of nature.

  5. Up here in the North country (Central Minnesota) the Evercrisp is almost too late for us. Wait until the LAST day before a freezing frost, then pick and store for at least a couple weeks. Basically it isn’t ripe until well into November, but then look out! It is deliscious! Sweet/flavorful/crisp all the things I love. Straight off of the tree they just aren’t ripe yet.

  6. Love the EverCrisp, probably my #1. I agree its very crisp and the skin can be a little on the thick side but when they’re good they’re amazing. Had one yesterday and it was the perfect balance of tart and sweet and just unbeatable texturally.

  7. Just got to try these today and they were a lot better than expected. Very delicious and have almost like a melon taste.

  8. We planted three years ago on g-41 am impressed with size crisp and flavor. Doesn’t get soft like Hot neycrisp and foliage like motives over sickly honey crisp. Our you-pick orchard expects a great future demand as the are now ripe at October 2 to n SW sOhio

  9. This is my favorite apple. At the local orchard, they have been nothing but outstanding. At the local grocer, they sometimes source local and sometimes from a mega grower in NY state–the result has been quite variable. Like any apple, you cannot judge it on a single tasting.

  10. I bought my first bag of EverCrisp because my grocery store was out of Honeycrisp.

    The very first apple out of the bag, and I broke the handle off my beloved push apple slicer trying to penetrate the mantel of this beast.

    Tastes pretty good.

  11. Just tried my first Ever Crisp apple. By far the best tasting apple I’ve ever had. I like Honey Crisps and Fuji’s but put those two together and you have Ever Crisps…my new favorite apple…so good!!

  12. I kid you not, I have dreams about this apple. I got a few of them from a local orchard as a party favor at the peak of last season without knowing what kind they were. I scoured this website and the orchard website today, comparing, until I found them again. These are a 100/100 apple, the pure ambrosia of the gods, and I adore this website’s existence. EverCrisp apples my beloved.

  13. This is my immaculate apple, I’m convinced you had a subpar one based purely on your density rating because this apple is so dense and crispy.

  14. Tried a slice of one today & found it to be very sweet with a strange minty flavor. Had a decent crunch but it is being thrown in the compost pile since even my dogs spit it out.

  15. Dead on review. No tartness and a very intense, simple sweet flavor. I liked the bite at first, but then it was too much. Has the firmness of a raw potato and it stayed unnaturally fresh looking – no browning overnight in the fridge or what we left on the counter. Pass

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