SweeTango Apple Review

"The Greatest of All Time"

SweeTango Apple

Selectively bred to snap like a sweet piece of celery, this apple, available only in September and October (if we’re lucky) in certain super markets is the best apple ever to grace the world of Gods and men. A gifted child of the spectacular Honeycrisp and elusive Zestar, this nearly immaculate treasure was blessed with the greatest qualities of both its parents but manages to avoid any of their unfortunate flaws. If this was the apple that tempted Eve in the garden of Eden I wouldn’t blame her; for the taste of just one SweeTango is worth living through 1000 painful childbirths.

The one downside of the SweeTango – other than needlessly lopping off the “T” from “Sweet” to form the repulsively frolicsome word “Swee” – is its paltry robustness. Get these apples before November 1 or you’ll be cursing my name as you bite into a hollowed out balloon of an apple. And, if in the Western Hemisphere, don’t be fooled into buying New Zealand SweeTangos in the winter – they can’t handle the trip. 

UPDATE 2022: A chink in the armor. As the crops have matured and potentially expanded there has been a marked decrease in consistency and appearance. One commenter on this website described its appearance as “shabby” which I tend to agree with.  -1 Consistency, -1 Beauty. TOTAL SCORE: 95 –> 93 (Nearly Perfect –> Superb).


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56 thoughts on “SweeTango Apple Review”

  1. excelsior and trumpets, the sweetango is the true champion of all apples! for the longest time i thought i just didnt like apples – turns out that was hogwash aka red delicious. sweetango completely changed the game for me, and now i look forward to the next available batch every fall! wish they were around all year long!

  2. Someone needs to clue me in here. I just purchased some of these two weeks ago, as I had never seen them before, and they were absolutely terrible. I mean just awful bad. They had very little snap, the flesh was gritty like a pear, and there was zero flavor. A red delicious tastes better, and you couldn’t pay me to eat those. The only thing this apple had going was a massive amount of juice, which was just as empty as the fruit. You put down the Hunnyz apple and champion this fruit? I’ll take about two dozen varieties over this monstrosity any day of the week.

    1. It sounds like you maybe got a bad batch of apples! If in the US, December is very late in the SweeTango Apple season and I try to review all apples when they are at their best. Try them again next year in September and see if they’re any better.

  3. Please stop using the term “genetically engineered” to describe this apple. Selective breeding is NOT genetic engineering. The only GMO apples on the market in the US are the “Arctic” GMO versions of Granny Smith and Golden Delicious. Tha vast majority of consumers avoid GMOs when given the choice.

  4. Boy, you weren’t kidding about not eating them late. I finally gave in to the hype last month and picked up a 2 lb bag (the only way they were sold) and they were a bland mushy dumpster fire that I regretted wasting money on. I fed them to my goats. Because of this review (and only because of it!) I will give them another try next year IF I can find them as singles early in the season. I strongly recommend no one buy multiple until they’ve verified that the individual batch is good. Shame on them for continuing to sell them when they’re so far gone – that’s a great way to ruin the brand.

      1. Regardless of how good they actually are at peak, I don’t think they’ll ever displace the Honeycrisp with such inability to hold. The TJ batch I mentioned were the only Honeycrisps I’ve had that didn’t live up to expectations. Come to think of it that’s where I got the SweeTangos too…

  5. SweeTango apples are my favorites, but I noticed that last year’s (Fall 2021) SweeTango apples weren’t as crisp as they usually are and the flavor wasn’t as good. Some were better than others and I bought them several times.

  6. Absolutely amazing apple WHEN IT’S FRESH. This apple, however, goes bad quickly… if it isn’t recently picked, don’t even think about it; it becomes a totally different apple.

      1. Found your site as I sat eating a rather mediocre Piñata apple. (The name was enticing and I wanted to know more.) Decided to find your highest ranked apple, SweeTango, and discovered it is an offspring of Zestar. I planted a Zestar a three years ago. I cluelessly bought it at the closeout season at the farm store’s garden area, and it was one of the few tree left, marked down in price. Wowzers! The Zestar is delicious! Everyone who has had one from our tree immediately exclaims, “This is the best apple I have ever eaten!” What fortune to have gotten it, and maybe because people were unfamiliar with the name and passed over it. Thanks for the website. A great go-to for information.

  7. these are some of the most hilarious (and kind of scandalous) reviews of apples I’ve ever read! you should review more heirloom varieties–Cox Pippin/Queen Cox, Hudsons Golden Gem, Ashmeads Kernal! Thanks from saving me from buying a Newton Pippin lol!

  8. I think I just got an old one. Meaning, it is one of last years and it is gross. Not as bad as some other varieties at this stage, but noticeable not fresh.

  9. SweeTango’s are my absolute favorite apples, I had them for the first time back in 2020 after I bought a big bag from SAMS on a whim. I’ve been eagerly awaiting them this year but cannot find them ANYWHERE! We’re in a new area (previously were in the southeast, now in New England), and I’ve looked at SAMS, Walmart, ShopRite, Target, and Costco. Hoping I can find some to enjoy before the end of the season!

    1. Hannaford up in Maine had them this fall; I don’t know where you are in New England, but if you have a Hannaford, that might be a good place to start!

  10. I was in a desperate search for my favorite snack, the rockit apple. Couldn’t find it so picked up these weird little Sweetango apples. Wow. Worst fruit I’ve ever had the misfortune to put into my mouth. I was afraid for a moment that I might be playing snow white and it had been poisoned by the evil queen.. but since I didn’t die I finished it as I had been taught to do. Absolute let down on the promises printed on the 2 lb bag. Sure, a little crispness in the skin, A LOT of TART in the flesh, well, let me correct that, not tartness just SOUR. I’m so depressed, I may have to give up apples altogether after this humongous mistake of an apple. Beware.

    1. Bought a box middle of November 2022 for my husband. Costco had them for $9.99 for an 8 pk. My husband really enjoyed the crispness of the apple. (Lancaster, PA)

  11. Come winter, are we not all less vibrant and more than a bit weathered? Please do not blame SweeTango for what is out of its control! Blame the human, not the apple. At its very best, I rate it a solid 100. I was fortunate to take my first bite in September when SweeTango was thriving. Now here in October, SweeTango looks a bit worse for wear, with bruised & blemished skin, but its still giving all the crunch, tang and juicy sweetness that it did when we were first introduced. I truly believe that its imperfections contribute to it being the perfect apple. I feel like its shabby appearance makes it somewhat relatable. I didn’t know I wanted to connect with an apple in that way, but I did and I hold SweeTango high above the rest.

  12. I just got these apples today( october 12) at the store. Since they were new and I have never seen seen them before. I have to tell you these sweetango are amazing! They’re really juicy and crispy and I can taste the citrus. If you read the description it says spicy I guess I can see how they’re spicy but there’s not actually like a spicy taste. Although I just bought them today so I’m not sure how long they can go before they get bad. Although they didn’t come singular and we’re super expensive for just 1 lb. But they’re so good I love them!!!!

    1. Congratulations! I’m very happy you stumbled across the SweeTango. I definitely wouldn’t describe them as spicy either. Spicy usually denotes flavors you might find in a cider like cinnamon and the SweeTango certainly does not have that type of flavor. Whoever put that in the description should be suspended from adjectives for 3-4 weeks.

  13. Just got a soggy bag from Trader Joe’s. 🙁 Maybe next year I’ll get to try the elusive Sweetango. Until then, I’ll stick with Honeycrisp. Expensive but reliable.

  14. I was skeptical of the enthusiasm surrounding the SweeTango, but I’m pleased to report that every bit of the hype is well deserved. I found some today at my local Wegman’s, and although I was prepared for disappointment given that it’s nearing the end of their season, I was blown away by the deliciousness. I’m already sad, both that the season is so short in general and that I hadn’t gotten to them sooner this year. I’ll definitely be getting more this weekend while I still can.

  15. ur dumb website made me buy apples! when’s the last time I ever did that? if this is some kind of next level marketing trick it worked!! anyway I was looking for some kanzi apples and this is all I could find in my little podunk ass town, and they’re out of season according to the comments. not these ones!! super crisp and sweet!!! pretty similar to honeycrisp, and just as expensive-but now that all my other favorite snacks are also expensive, I guess I’m eating apples again!

  16. Minor bookkeeping note – the non-honeycrisp parent of the sweetango is Zestar! (exclamation point included). Maybe you haven’t been able to find a Zestar! because you haven’t sounded excited enough?

  17. I have been preaching the virtues of these apples since the first day I tried one and have turned many people on to these amazing apples. I just stumbled upon this site and I feel so vindicated. I knew that this was the best apple. I knew I had good apple taste. Thank you for validating me

  18. Saw these at my local grocery store and picked them up. Eating one now – and this is really good despite your recommendation to eat them earlier in the fall!

  19. We picked up a cute, handled paper bag of these at ALDI last week. The Honeycrisp appearance drew me to them. SweeTango might be
    the best apple I’ve ever tasted. They had perfect texture and the right amount of tart. I’d describe the flavor as mostly Honeycrisp with a bit
    of Pink Lady, though I’m aware PL is not in the mix. The bag said “Michigan Grown”, so congrats Michigan!

  20. I’ve been buying these at Aldi and Sam’s club this year. Maybe it’s me, but I think they were better last year. Now I’ve got Envy’s and I rate them at least equal.

  21. Found these at the local grocery just recently and was surprised cause I recalled seeing this site page and the mention of these. it’s almost the end of November but they taste amazing so I guess I got lucky? Honeycrisp has always been my favorite but these are snappy in a way that I really like!

    truly a great apple, happy that I committed to get some 🙂

  22. These were TERRIBLE here last year. I was so sad because they’re usually really good. I typically devour them alongside sugarbee- which was also VERY subpar last year.

    After being so betrayed- I haven’t been brave enough to reunite with this star-sparkle wonder yet, this year, and it’s probably too late in the season, now, so I’m gobbling a great batch of piñatas , instead.

  23. Oh boy, did you lead me astray! I bought a 2lb bag cause I figured I’d eat them all since they’re “the best.” They were so disappointing! Barely any flavor. Softer than your dad. The only thing they had going for them was that they were pretty juicy. I actually bought a second bag a few weeks later, thinking I must have been wrong. NOPE. Same problems. But actually less juicy this time. I hope one day I get to try one of the elusive good ones.

  24. Just bought some in NYC today for first time and they were very good even though it’s December 6th!
    I assume flavor would be richer earlier in season, but they were perfectly crisp and had some subtle citrus flavor.

  25. The platonic ideal. I agree they aren’t as good this year as they have been in previous years, though. I hope that trend reverses itself.

  26. Got a surprisingly good bag of these at the store today in *December*!! I see why you rated these so high; even at the tail end of them being in season this batch is super good, very juicy and flavorful with a fine crunchy texture. Hopefully I can eat through the bag before they go bad!

  27. My first thought when finding this website was “what is the best apple” however after learning of it being mostly available in the west, i assumed i was just out of luck and would have to wait years before trying the legendary SweeTango. Then, on a seemingly ordinary trip to the grocery store, i found the holy grail. I was critical at first as this is Florida in mid-december, hardly SweeTango territory, but the flesh seemed firm enough so i took the risk and bought two.

    i was genuinely scared to take that first bite. but that crunch. oh my lord it was as if i had bit into a branch from the devil’s apple itself. the sweet aromatic juice filled my mouth with flavors both familiar and new. sweet like honeycrisp (who i’ve been very critical of) with a hint of spice and zesty pizzazz in its after taste. like biting into a hive of honey bees and each sting is injecting your taste buds with a shock of sugary sweetness and citrusy zest. however, she was lacking the tartness that puts pink lady at the top of my list, and for that the crown remains with the lady in pink. i do believe that if i had one closer to their actual season it’d have been even better but for a first taste, that was an amazing fucking apple

  28. rockit_apple_lover

    this is absolute blasphemy, sweetango apples are grainy, and the flavor is slightly above average, it is imperitave you try rockit apples to experience the holy experience of that great apple than this honeycrisp-apple wannabe.

  29. i first want to say that i love the site. both the urban farmer and fruit loving child in me are reeling in joy. i would like to make one suggestion though. it IS customary for growers in the US, organic and non, to treat apples, which already have an excellent shelf-life, with 1-methylcyclopropene and store them for months at a time. most consumers end up eating apples that are quite literally a year old at market (a completely safe and delicious way to enjoy apples out of season, i assure you). i do think it would be worth it to take this into consideration in your reviews. how well an apple holds its flavor, consistency, juiciness, etc over an extended time are all relevant and a part of being an apple. i would love to know which off-season apples taste as nice as their in-season counterparts.

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