Cameo Apple Review

"An Unwelcome Guest"

Not Worth Eating
Cameo Apple

The Cameo Apple tastes like a juicy dog fart wrapped in used Whole Foods napkins. With a flavorless interior reminiscent of powdered hospital soap, this freak of nature is called a ‘Cameo’ because it was found accidentally growing in a Red Delicious orchard in Washington State and bred for public consumption (I can only assume as a punishment for America’s hubris). Even M. Night Shyamalan showing up in his own movie is a better cameo than this.





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Red Delicious x Unknown


Washington, USA




Mid-Fall – Winter





24 thoughts on “Cameo Apple Review”

      1. I think cameo apples are very good! I have only eaten them raw, but they were really good. I am going to try to find the camo apple in the market for pies and baking.

  1. I’ve recently started liking apples, my current fave is honeycrisp. But 3 years ago we went to an apple orchard for the fall, and we got to taste different apples. Cameo was our favorite lol. I’ve been looking to try it again due to my recent apple affair but now I’m second guessing that haha.

      1. I tried SnapDragon because they were on sale one
        week. Loved them! Now I buy them twice a week
        because they’re pretty consistent. The honeycrisp in
        my area has been hit or miss lately. I had an
        AMAZING honeycrisp from Walmart last week. I
        didn’t realize they could vary so much.

    1. Definitely depends on the grower! If they know what they’re doing, the Cameos will be great. Our Cameos grown in PA are consistently delicious. Where was the orchard you went to that also had great Cameos?

  2. Bought a half peck of Cameos from a fruit market in Kalkaska MI today. Never heard of or tasted them before. Wanted them to cook with pork chops (they were out of Granny Smith’s). Tried them first as munchies. Enjoyed them either way. Your 50 rating is a pos.

    1. I love apples and I’ve tried many varieties and cameos are by far my all-around favorite. Great shelf, life sweet, good looking crunchy like few others are.

  3. Phoenix Valentine

    the only reason i came on this website was because the radio suggested it but i dont think hating on apples is for me sorry

  4. These are crisp and… well, that’s about it. They don’t really taste of much. There’s juice, granted, and it’s slightly sweet, but apart from that it’s a bit like biting into a snowball.

  5. ATrueAppleEnthusiast

    I recently had my first Cameo apple… It was an absolute deplorable atrocity with flesh comparable to a decade-old banana that has been eaten by rats, and then regurgitated back into a pile of horse shit. Although, this is to be expected, as it is yet another cow tongue lazily wrapped in tin foil demon-spawn of the Red Delicious. It seems as though some people think that this “apple” should be ranked higher, but I believe it should be dragged down into the depths of hell (around 35/100) along with other mealy sinners such as the Golden Delicious.

    1. The Cameo that you tried must have Not been a Cameo. I have zero reason to mislead in this arena, and I can assure you that 95% of fresh Cameo Apples are Fantastic, sweet and crunchy with a fine shelf life.

  6. Pennsylvania grown Cameo apples are where it’s at. Very crisp, moderately juicy, moderate starch level, and a great balance of sweetness and tartness. They’re almost reminiscent of Stayman Winesap, believe it or not!
    So I guess it really depends on who grows em, and the freshness, of course. Hope this helps!

  7. I was looking for information on why I have not seen cameos at he store for a long time. Cameos were by far my favorite, firm, crisp, perfect sweetness and a complex flavor. Your description of cameos fits my description of honey crisp. Virtually tasteless. I hadn’t realized how much difference there can be in an apple depending on its source.

  8. You must be talking about the fuji, not the cameo. Based on the cameo review, you are as untrustworthy as Fauci.

  9. The Cameo apples at Ikenberry Orchards in Daleville, VA are green skin with a blush pink flesh. They are the best apple in the world! We like them for eating fresh like a desert apple. It is also great for baking and cooking!

  10. I just tried my first Cameo apple today. The skin was firm, the flesh was soft and mildly sweet, and it was neither tart nor tangy. This apple seems like it would cook down into a tolerable applesauce for babies or people who do not really like tangy or overly sweet apples.

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