Pink Lady Apple Review

"A Fiery Troublemaker"

Pink Lady Apple


The perfect blend of sweet and tart, this fiery bitch is a headliner at supermarkets worldwide. Not as snappy as you’d like, and dense enough to hammer a nail, this unflappable cart-stopper is a true trailblazer as the first apple name to be awarded a trademark.

But the name “Pink Lady” isn’t just snappy branding. It’s a badge of honor bestowed only upon the worthy. Every year, millions of pitiful Cripps Pink apples desperately cling to the ever-vanishing hope that they would one day ascend past their beggarly form to the vaunted moniker of  “Pink Lady.” But only the true standouts meet this high standard while the undeserving are relegated to the *gag* discount stores. This taxing gauntlet results in a remarkably consistent apple.

BONUS POINTS: +3 Historical Significance, +1 Branding / Consistency, +1 Baking

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Golden Delicious x Lady Williams


Western Australia






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32 thoughts on “Pink Lady Apple Review”

  1. We’re definitely on the same page! I embarked on my varietal taste test because I recently picked up some Pink Ladies on a whim after ignoring them for years and was highly impressed. Right up there with Honeycrisps as my favorite grocery stores varieties, especially if I’m in the mood for more tartness.

    1. Pink Lady is a joke Many apples are sold as so called Pink Lady. Eg Cripps Pink and Rosy Glow are very different looking and tasting. The consumer is being conned

      1. The Pink Lady is packed out of high-color Cripps Pink, they all come from the same orchard off the same trees. While it is technically a branding standard, the higher color often translates into higher brix (sugars), and thicker skins. Rarely high-color Pinks that have no sales as Pink Lady will packed into a Cripps Pink box and sold for less… Even though it could have been a Pink Lady.

  2. This is a very popular apple in New Zealand. They grow a lot of them there. They are good, and my favorite until I discovered Honeycrisp.

  3. Pink Ladies are like goddamn candy. Not the most consistent apple (does my grocery store mix them in with Cripps?) but the good ones melt my face off.

    1. I’ll bet they mix them. I picked up a bag of “Pink Lady” apples at Aldi and they’re all marked with a Cripps sticker.

  4. I’m a complete newby to this site, but I actually do what you do, only just for my friends. Why I can’t find my favorite Pink Lady apple in the grocery stores these days? It’s always been a year-round presence, yet now they’ve disappeared. Any intel you can share?

    1. I found some Pink Lady apples at my local HyVee in the heart of the Midwest in Lawrence, KS. I hope your quest to find them is successful! The batch I got were especially flavorful.

    1. I used to think golden delicious apples were bad, too, until I tasted them right off the tree. OMG they’re so, so good. They start out crisp, but it doesn’t last more than a week or so from picking, so by the time you get them in the store, the texture is mush. Try one fresh-picked if you can (we have a farm nearby that sells local produce in the summer and fall) and you’ll see how delicious they can be.

  5. I love ranting about apples and I will never shut up about superiority of Pink Lady apples. She is my goddess, my best friend who holds your hair while you’re throwing up in the club. the sun and moon both pale in comparison to her glory. Just thinking about her I begin to salivate, dreaming of the next chance I’ll have to enjoy the pure bliss that is her gentle tart flesh. No other apple has come close to her beauty and none ever will (unless i find a new one). Fuck you honeycrisp. Pink Lady is the only apple for me.

    1. you’re so real. these apples make my day

      I love going to big Tescos and picking them out, there’s something so innately feminine about this apple. I could only ever eat this apple.. eating another would be a betrayal to the mistress of my mouth.

  6. oh fuck yeah i love these i am shoving these down my gullet as fast as i can. deserves to be rated sweeter though unless the rest of the apples you’re rating are covered in honey

  7. In Australia, Pink Lady is the default choice for everyday eating apples. We have a few others like Jonathan, Red Delicious, Fuji etc but people only eat those if they’re short on cash and can’t afford a Pink Lady.

  8. Pink Lady is a special apple. My father’s orchard and others here in Western Australia were the first to plant Pink Lady in the world. I knew the breeder, the late John Cripps well and it was wonderful to see him rewarded for all the years of work put in to breed this amazing apple. Actually, we preferred Pink Lady’s sister apple Sundowner to eat but Pink Lady captured the public’s imagination and grew in popularity very fast. I would say that it saved our industry.
    Pink Lady is not my favourite apple but I have to say that this years harvest was the tastiest ever and so consistent, a lot of very positive feedback this season.
    Great review, thanks for your passion.

  9. My favorite apple ever. A former empluyee brought a box of apples from the orchard he was working for, I think this was aboout 1990. I chose the Pink Lady and my world changed. I couldn’t find them locally for several years but I kept hoping and was finally rewarded. I’ve tried others and found some of them pretty good but none have the glory of Pink Lady.

  10. True Opinions Haver

    The Pink Lady is overly sweet, overly soft garbage, suited for children, the elderly and anyone who craves the sweet embrace of death.

    You can’t use it to cook, and you can only use it as food in extremis when it’s either that or eating a pile of rotten offal in the gutter. Ranking this higher than an actually useful and edible apple like the Granny Smith is madness.

    1. Your taste buds are bad my friend. Just ate a Pink Lady apple today. It’s fantastic. Right up there with Honeycrisp apples. Granny Smith is unique. It’s more of a gimmick than an eating apple. Use it to make apple sauce. It’s great for that.

  11. Tried a bag of NY-grown pink lady apples from the local price chopper instead of my usual empire due to this website. There is nothing tart about them, just a bland sweetness, like a customer service worker’s well wishes. Exceptionally disappointing. Flavor thin as mist. Texture is good. I can’t believe this is the apple I’ve heard so much hype around. Perhaps I’ve been swindled with a falsely named apple, but these make me doubt the validity of the rating system.

    1. You probably got a cripps pink instead, definitely try them again and make sure the skin is vibrant & pink, like he said they should be very dense. to me theyre perfectly tart (i dont really like sweet apples) & they taste like perfume in the best way its light, floral & only as sweet as it needs to be.

  12. Sampled one today and found it to be very good. Sweet but balanced by some acidity – it may lack the Honeycrisp crunch but it is superior in flavor.

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