Golden Delicious Apple Review

"The West Virginia Has-Been"

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Golden Delicious Apple

The official state fruit of West Virginia, this green-yellow beauty saw its heyday in the Progressive Era when marketed by the Stark Bros as a companion apple to the, then blockbuster smash hit, Red Delicious. One hundred years later, with our collective distaste for the Red Delicious fully realized, this ill-fated adopted brother may as well be called the “Golden Bin Laden.” Fortunately, for consumers who have rightfully shied away from this fading memory of an apple, the mushy, bland, juiceless, Golden Delicious doesn’t bring much to the table aside from fathering better apples and having a nice looking exterior fit for a 2013 U.S. Postal Stamp.






Red Apple Icon



Red Apple Icon



Red Apple Icon


Grimes Golden x Golden Reinette


West Virginia




Late Fall – Early Winter


Apple Sauce, Apple Butter, Cider


Mullin’s Yellow Seedling, 

Annit Apple, Yellow Delicious

13 thoughts on “Golden Delicious Apple Review”

  1. You are a fool and a fiend. Whatever golden delicious apples you’ve been eating must be tasteless imposters. If you get them from an orchard they are juicy, sweet and as the name implies, delicious. Eating one right off the tree was a transcendent experience for me. Also if you make applesauce with them it tastes like caramel 10/10 would recommend. Source your apples better.

    1. I can imagine Golden Delicious applesauce is pretty good. I plan on adding a new section of apple categories with top 5 per category such as “tart apples” “applesauce” etc… perhaps then Golden Delicious will receive an accolade

    2. I, too, am drawn to these so-called “mushy, bland, juiceless” apple, and find myself shuddering to think what imposters the writer of this article must have sampled! I suppose everyone prefers their own sort of cheese.

  2. I had a couple of these bad boys off the tree, once, from a local-ish fruit farm. Dinky in size, but worlds better than what gets sold in the produce isle. Saddens me that most people cant experience a golden delicious in its ideal state, but if you ever get the chance I reccomend trying one fresh picked, if you haven’t already.

  3. I agree with some commenters that fresh off a tree, these are much better than you’re led to believe. But now that I’m much further from apple trees and stuck with supermarket quality, they’re a strong pass.

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  5. I believe in golden delicious apples supremacy!!! They are charismatic, inoffensive, and a flat out delight <3 extra delicious when dusted with cinnamon sugar. If you want to talk abt lack of taste and juiciness, I think we can all agree that the real enemy is the Granny Smith!

    1. Like the golden delicious, the granny smith apple can be so much better than the average grocery store examples you’ll find. Granny smiths are my favorite apple, but you have to know how to pick the delicious ones that don’t taste like cardboard. I’ve had a lot more success with organic grannies than conventionally-grown ones, so the slight upcharge is well worth it to me. Of course, if you can get one right off the tree, that’s even better.

  6. Simply untrue!!! Idk where you’re getting your Golden Delicious from but my local Giant Eagle sells some and they’re straight out of heaven. In all honesty, I like them better than honeycrisps (I’m not sure why, but the ones I buy always taste like cleaner.) Maybe I’m buying bizarro apples.

  7. A lot of people commenting to “get it off the tree”, seem to forget that, for many people, that’s just not an option. If anything, it detracts further from the apple’s availability and accessibility by having to go directly to the source just to get a better taste of the apple. Very few are that committed. I have fond memories of the Golden Delicious, but I haven’t had one in a long time. Maybe one day, I’ll give it another go and see how it’s changed.

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